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05.05.2013 “Aida”, 19-5-2013 “Anna-Tevka”, 26.05.2013 “Puzzel” best bitch at shows!

27 May 2013

Three children out of the combination Spotnik’s First Farao for ORMOND and Obonya vom Teutoburger Wald have won best bitch at three different shows in one month. This is really very special for us! We are so proud and so happy! And more than thankful to Mother Nature who gave us this litter and to Karola Lehmann, breeder of Obonya vom Teutoburger Wald who encouraged us to have this litter! Congratulations Karola and Michael LehmannDalmatiner vom Teutoburger Wald and Christi ORMOND Dalmatiner - it was your litter – just born in the Netherlands! Thank you so much! And congratulations Helle Høie & amp;Michael Lehmann to the show results of Spotniks First Farao For Ormond and his progeny! And most of all –  thank you ‘mama’ Obonya vom Teutoburger Wald!

CAC Dogshow Bochum, Germany, 5-5-2013.  Judge: Marin Klopsch (GER)
Obonya’s pride Anna-Aida, open class excellent 1, best bitch, BOB (best of breed)!
Owner: Mieke Marie Mendes

CAC Dogshow Arnhem, Netherlands, 19-5-2013. Judge: Mr. J. Sloot (NL)
Obonya’s pride Anna-Tevka, open class excellent 1, BEST BITCH!
Owner: Obonya’s pride

CAC Dogshow Krosigk, Germany, 26.05.2013. Judge: Mrs Julie Evans (UK)
Obonya’s Pride Anna-Ariella, open class excellent 1, “Vereinssiegerin” – BEST BITCH!
Owner: Karola Lehmann, Dalmatiner vom Teutoburger Wald

20.05.2013. Obonya’s dear mother, Latoya vom Teutoburger Wald won at the Europasieger Ausstellung Dortmund 2013  BOB Veteran, BEST IN SHOW VETERAN 2. PLACE!

20.05.2013. The father of our A-litter, Spotniks First Farao for ORMOND won at the Europasieger Ausstellung Dortmund 2013, open class excellent 1,  BOB, BEST IN GROUP 2. place and the titel “VDH EUROPASIEGER 2013″

20.5.2013. The father of our expected B-litter, Christi ORMOND Giant Vogue won at the Europasieger Ausstellung Dortmund 2013, open class excellent 2!  He got the CAC from his father ‘Farao’ who is already German Champion.

Ch. Latoya vom Teutoburger Wald (Obonya’s mother) BEST IN SHOW VETERAN 2. PLACE

ch. Spotnik’s First Farao for ORMOND (the father of our A-litter)

Christi ORMOND Giant Vogue, Europasieger Ausstellung Dortmund 2013.

Christi ORMOND Giant Vogue (the father of our B-litter)

And  “OBONYA’S” girls:

Obonya’s pride Anna-Aida

dogshow 5-5-2013 Bochum, Obonya’s pride Anna-Aida.

dogshow 5-5-2013 Bochum, Obonya’s pride Anna-Aida.

“Miss Puzzel” Obonya’s Pride Anna-Ariella

Obonya’s Pride Anna-Ariella

Obonya’s Pride Anna-Ariella

Obonya’s pride Anna-Tevka

CAC Dogshow Arnhem, 19-5-2013. Obonya’s pride Anna-Tevka

Obonya’s pride Anna-Tevka

‘mama’ Obonya vom Teutoburger Wald – thank you so much!

‘mama’ Obonya vom Teutoburger Wald with her A-litter (born 10-3- 2011)

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